Uber KiddTM

Uber Kidd<sup>TM</sup>

A vital part of our Uber House Foundation, Uber Kidd is the first international online magazine dedicated to our youth, ages ranging from approximately 13 to 24 years old, the crucial developmental time for people establishing themselves as they prepare and enter adulthood. Questions, answers, concerns, health, social situations, Earth and environmental situations. Subjects geared to assisting young people searching and dealing with life and today’s time.

No nonsense, no advertisements only pertinent information which stimulates, guides and creates analytical minds of self-thinkers and our power of tomorrow. Uber Kidd does not accept commercial advertisement, but extends to our viewers our E-commerce forum within the magazine. Giving the opportunity for these young entrepreneurs, from universities to tribes in the deepest of regions, to sell their cultural products, designs and innovations to a once unreachable world market. By presenting this pathway of commerce, every corner of this planet can experience inclusion for themselves and their communities.

We have an organization of writers who are prolific in their profession. Subjects ranging from Health and Well-Being to Innovative Ideas, many of which are created and developed by the readers peers. Even short cooking videos from Master Chefs on Nutrition and easy Food Prep. Subjects on Nature, Global Issues and Art. What is intriguing, tons of facts and information. All in all, everything exciting of knowledge and exposure to what is really happening around the world. And always, always ability to contact us for questions and informational procurement.

Dedicated to supporting our future, Uber Kidd takes pride in being the “to go to” place for information and guidance on many levels.