Uber House Foundation IncTM

Uber House Foundation Inc<sup>TM</sup>

2007 Uber House Foundation was born. A non-profit organization dedicated to humanitarian causes. As the world evolves and demands increase for material procurements, we support and prioritize the treasures of our future, the international welfare of children, animals and the planet. Giving and guiding to what will be our tomorrow. Assisting where we can in plights of survival, filling small bellies where food is scares or non-existent, water acquisition…and more

Uber Kidd, is our self-supporting online magazine, enriches young minds and responds to the increasing quest for knowledge. It does so, in part, by opening pathways of social and economic connections for individuals and communities worldwide.

Hiipuss V,our unique fragrance line for self-empowerment, contributes all of its earnings after expenses to the Uber House Foundation.

Uber House Art, collaborations with various artists, creating artwork with subject matters and issues relevant to the time. Our work is done as a team with mutual intent of love of life.…bringing forth images and pieces in different mediums that are stunning and powerful. Dedicating earnings to the Uber House Foundation.

We back ourselves financially, then we invest in the World. We create and innovate to then donate. We believe in our mutual home, Earth. We believe in people, we believe in our future and in all that we can be.

When we support each other, then, we will be truly one. A real Uber House…!!!!


For contributions of thoughts and ideas, or contributions to the Foundation, please  click here to get in touch!