With concerns for our planet, we must evolve with respect to our environment and impact on the inevitable final disposition of our human remains. There simply isn’t enough land to dedicate as unusable for our future growth. We have found that utilizing the new innovation of final internment as tree pods which are planted as natural forests, can eventually be harvested for lumber, creating industry to build schools, hospitals, communities and centers that provide for society. These trees and forests, once harvested will be replanted with new seedlings. Growing on the sacred land of our mortal remains. Continuing to give back as life’s full circle providing for the future of Nature, Humankind and Earth itself.

PoeTree is dedicated to each and every precious human life. Each, having their own story, written in a brief poem of the essence. Giving honor and remembrance. The individual plantings can be followed via GPS satellite with their attached poem.

PoeTree is in development as we work with local State governments concerning proper land acquisition.