UBER HOUSE = Super World, Great Home.

In 2007, Uber House was born. Observing, evolving to the call of humanity and the planet on which it lives. Innovative in design and development, utilizing the abundance of human ability and what nature has provided. Conscious and mindful to the needs of today.

The mission of Uber House® LLC is dedicated to humanitarian issues, creating and developing the refined qualities of self-empowerment and well-being. Fusing innovation with life’s abundant possibilities and opportunities. Bringing forth the great potential that lie within us all.

  • – Creativity and innovation
  • – Endeavors that bring out the best in what we do
  • – Presenting new concepts and innovations for self and social evolvement
  • – Product and project developments for life enhancements
  • – Product excellence
  • – Humanitarian services

Uber House® LLC Presents:

HIIPUSS V® : A collection of 5 formulations to stimulate and empower the brain via existing chemistry within the human body. Our Hiipuss chemists devote their entire energy to creating new, unique fragrances that work with those common chemical senses and olfactory responses within the Hippocampus Cortex– the part of the human brain proposed to effect behavioral inhibition, spatiality and memory. The inspiration of Hiipuss V® comes from the awakening of ourselves and others. Our creations are designed with strength, originality and lasting effects, to stimulate those states of mind that inspire our most lucid thoughts, emotions and feeling of well-being.

PERCHYMTM : (People Reaching Rhythm) Through binaural sounds of frequencies we offer another form of stimulation to achieve a desired mental and or emotional state and certain physiological support.

EXPRESSIONS IN ART : Commencing 2007, the initiative was created to the development of the Uber House Book, ”Refining The Art Of Living™”.
To date, IV chapters have been completed of photographic and mirrored imagery. Focusing on the awakening of society, the feminine, strength and power of graceful force and substance.

UBER KIDDTM : An online magazine, created primarily for people ages ranging from 13-24. Guiding and informative, supporting youth internationally via intriguing and important subject matter relative to the developing minds, social demands and presenting a gateway for international social and economic inclusion.

UBER HOUSE FOUNDATIONTM : Uber House LLC is a not-for-profit, humanitarian based organization. We design, develop and contribute our earnings to our dedicated Foundation which provides globally for the well-being of children, animals and the planet.

Video of Earth and Earth sounds courtesy of NASA

Music: 7.83 Hz | The Powerful Healing Frequency of Earth’s Magnetic Field | Boost Positive Energy

For the full soundtrack, please refer to the beats listed on the  PerchymTM page.

This vibration is considered the natural state of everything. Brainwaves 7.83 Hz – Schumann earth resonance. Grounding, meditative – Pure Binaural Beats (The Frequency of the Earth).

Suggested use: Keep this Uber House landing page running with volume on for at least 30 minutes per day. It will stimulate brain waves to reach a calmer relaxed state in sync with the frequency of Earth’s magnetic field. The video relaxes the mind’s eye to recognize the state of being and of where we live. Beauty is grand and we all are a part of it……

For contributions of thoughts and ideas, or contributions to the Foundation, please  click here to get in touch!