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Dedicated to the art of scent,

A collection of finely blended luxurious formulations of precious neutrally scented pheromones.

For enhancing daily social interaction and attraction, stimulation and confidence, calm and relaxation, mental strength, and for the assistance in raising low emotional levels.

Our products are made with the most exceptional Reagent-grade
quality ingredients which are used in the critical blending and proportions that brings desired olfactory response of strength, satisfying changes in mood or emotional state. Apply sparingly as a fragrance, our formulations are highly concentrated. 1-2 sprays on the chest, inhaled through the nose, the effects are within seconds and lasts up to 4 hours. Best of all, only you know you’re wearing a Hiipuss ® as they are practically scentless.

What is Hiipuss?

“Hiipuss”- a derivative from the latin word “Hippocampus”, meaning Sea Horse of which the area of the cerebrum is shaped. Located inside the medial temporal lobe of the forebrain of human and other mammals, this area helps to regulate emotion and memory. Functionally the Hippocampus Cortex is part of the olfactory cortex is essential to the sense of smell, flexible learning and memory. Hiipuss formulations are chemical substances recognized as prohormones, also known as pheromones, are created by design to stimulate the frontal lobe region of the brain. Not limited to sexual attraction but enhancement of certain physiological and behavioral responses, such as memory, focus, acceptance, feeling of well being female and male procreative health, contributing to awareness, acuity, confidence and positive influences on the wearer and those in their immediate surrounding, varying in different responses depending on formulation.

Usage: Apply sparingly as a fragrance, our neutrally scented formulations are highly concentrated. One-two sprays on chest, is all you need. (More is not better). Inhale via the nose. Effects are within 30 seconds, full effects noted within 30 minutes, lasting 4-5 hours.

We are extremely concerned about environmental waste. all of our products are designed with recyclable, environmentally friendly, minimal and aesthetically beautiful packaging. None of our products have ever been, or ever will be, tested on animals. All our products are made in the U.S.A


  1. the lockTM : Social attraction and interaction. Gender specific. Locks people in to your immediate surrounding. Increases eye contact and attributes to building of self confidence. Strong sexual attractant.
  2. BoardWalkTM : For the business meeting place. .Used as an enhancement and calming agent for that professional edge in corporate situations. In groups, used to create mutual feelings associated with self-confidence, calmness, security, assurance towards others, bonding, and desire for understanding. Boosts mood elevation, to signal reliability, trust and cue feelings of security from the recipient.
  3. LightHeartTM : Invigorating and stimulating, this to date is our collection’s boldest and highly influential formulation created to encourage uplifting, positive feelings, concentrating on high notes of happiness and well-being. This unique blend unleashes the power of the science which aids in counteracting feelings accompanied with low emotional levels. Superior mood elevator.
  4. focusTM : Our most innovative formulation, designed to work with axis olfactory responses proposed for calm concentration and clarity. Aids in overcoming senses of distraction allowing clear thought through directed purpose.
  5. balanceTM : For replenishing the original vigorous self. Gender specific, energetic and precise, designed for responses attributed to building bodily rhythms. Releases notes to support alert mood, physical comfort and calm. Aids in equalizing hormonal disruptions attributed with age and life phases.


Designed exclusively for luxury hotels and spas as well as medical facilities, where ever calmness is required. Made for room-ambient use. Eliciting total calm and relaxation, releasing and boosting feelings of comfort. We have now made this formulation available to the general public for personal use. Made for room-ambient use, to be applied to fabrics and or sprayed directly to the air.

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Olfactory Aromatherapy

Olfactory aromatherapy presented in convenient topical spray fragrance form

The essential role of olfactory aromatherapy is to unlock odor memories stored in the limbic system , and connect them via the main pathways to the olfactory system where scent information is collected and stored.

Research studies demonstrate these “unlocking” and “connection” processes take place when the limbic and olfactory systems are simultaneously stimulated with beta activity to cooperative levels; the pathways then become active to where formations of new memories about experienced events can occur.(1) Thus, we may also look at these processes as working like a functional loop between the limbic and olfactory systems, proposed to better stimulate attention and improve cognition for calmness, relaxation and reduced anxiety.

Conventional olfactory aromatherapy methods remain limited to stimulating the lower and sensory components of the olfactory system via direct inhalation or skin application of fragrances and essential oils made primarily from plants and fruit rinds.

The Hiipuss V® Line of synthetic neutral scents represents a vertical departure from traditional olfactory aromatherapy practices in three distinctive ways….

Our formulations are made from precious Reagent-Grade synthetic compounds that specifically target the limbic system and main pathways. Clinical studies continue to demonstrate these compounds to process significantly faster and generate greater beta activity in the main pathways than fragrances and essential oils.(2)

Each Hiipuss™ formula contains specific note categories of tiered synthesized prohormones, metabolites and organic fatty acids, designed to carry degrees of volatility rates specific to obtaining only the most desirable changes in mood or emotional states.

Our formulas are available in convenient, compact, neutrally scented topical sprays and are safe to use without the untidiness, heavy odors, skin irritations and toxicities common to the use of concentrated fragrances and essential oils.(3)

***IMPORTANT CONSUMER INFORMATION: The term “aroma-therapy” applies to the use of essential oils for aromatic inhalation and topical application that can be through massage and should not be confused with the term “aromatology.”

Über House LLC makes every effort to provide consumers with the best possible information about our products and the ingredients contained therein. We are not medical professionals and are not affiliated with any medical organization or group, and the presented information should not be treated as medical advice. DO NOT try to use aromatherapy alone to treat a condition that has an established therapy. Consumers who decide to use aromatherapy for a condition should contact their health care provider if the condition persists or worsens.

This site caters to individuals who have decided through their own free process that they want to experience synthetic human prohormones, and are fully aware that they must do so within their own responsibility. Our products and the ingredients contained therein are not approved by any government agency for any medicinal purposes. Information given in this website pertains to the literature that arose in field of aromatherapy, clinical and experimental studies and is for information only. Risk may be involved in using synthetic human prohormones, and the synthetic products sold through this site are finished materials for retail only and therefore are supplied with directions for use or statements about toxicity. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ascertain hazards that may be associated with any of the materials sold on this site. Purchaser agrees explicitly to be solely responsible for any use, application or modification of any product purchased through this site. Purchaser explicitly agrees not to hold Über House LLC liable for any effects allegedly or truly resulting from any product sold on this site.

WARNING: These products and their respective statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, injury or ailment. Fragrance additive: for external use only. DO NOT ingest. DO NOT spray in eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Contains fragrance-grade alcohol. Store in a cool, dry place or evaporation may occur. DO NOT expose to heat or store at temperature above 130°F (55°C). Each individual person, fabric, or material may react differently to a particular suggested use. It is recommended that before you begin to use any Hiipuss™ brand formula, you read the directions carefully and pre-test. Should you have any health care-related questions or concerns, please call or see your physician or other health care provider.