Expressions in Art

Expressions in Art

In total collaboration with various artists, Uber House embodies creativity with direction and choreography of their conceptual art. The Book of Uber House, ”refining the art of living” is told within Chapters of photo imagery, mirrored work and supportive poetry, here, story-telling is taken to a new level. The presented chapters are in series of 10 to 14 pieces which represent the collection of definitive art. We are in constant creative mode; the story continues and the Book grows.

Studio Imagery of “The Art of Being Woman”, “Blue Belle”, “Phoenix”

“In today’s demanding society of distractions, women have set aside the calling of their true woman and all their beauty. We as women have through time, placed ourselves in social positions which have brought forth an unbalanced appreciation of the female.

These collections were created as an awakening of Women. Combining the senses of feminine demand in body form, strength and power, without reservation or inhibitions. Here we exhibit a reassurance of the real beauty of Woman as nature intended. Not alone of their precious form but of the design of such inner graceful force and substance.

Within every man there is woman. Within every woman, there is the creator and nurturer of life, never to be underestimated but to be admired and treasured.”

By Uber House 2007


Art Of Being Woman
Art Of Being Woman Collection: $120,000 USD
Blue Bell
Blue Bell Collection: $125,000 USD
Phoenix Collection: $145,000 USD